Body Butter

Body Butter

Body butter


Body butter consists exclusively of beautiful organic oils and butters. Body butter is wonderful to apply after taking a shower to create wonderfully pampering moment for yourself. Because our butters also contain cocoa, a tropical chocolate-like scent will be present.



Shea Butter: Contains Vitamins A and E, making this ingredient a natural antioxidant. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut Oil: Contains saturated and stable fats, which are not affected by free radicals. Coconut oil contains protective substances such as lauric acid, which is necessary for the skin to protect itself against dryness and harmful external influences.

Cocoa butter: Contains free radicals, which nourish the skin. Therefore, the skin remains supple and scars and stretch marks are reduced. Many skin conditions benefit from this butter.

Olive oil: Contains antioxidants, Vitamin E, phytosterol and polyphenols that ensure the repair of damaged skin cells. The oil makes the skin softer and smoother.


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