Goat Whey Soap Baby Lavendel

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80 grams of Goat Whey Soap Baby  Lavender

Is a mild soap for babies and people who want to take care of their skin in a natural way. The oats and goat whey ensure the soap is also ideal for children with a very sensitive skin. With 10% extra oils, an over-greasy soap has been created that provides extra skin care. For a relaxing bath, hold the soap under running water so the soap mixes with the water. You can also use the soap directly on the skin. Always make sure the soap does not get into the eyes.

Uzepia soaps are well received by people with a sensitive skin and various skin problems (e.g., dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis). Please note: This is not a medicine. It is a way to take good care of yourself without irritants. Highly recommended in combination with our Goat Milk Baby Cream. Delightful soothing goat whey soap for all skin types. 100% natural based soap.

These soaps are made from the following ingredients: Six organic oils, skal certified: Olive oil, coconut oil, shea

butter, castor oil, sunflower, palm oil, raw biodynamic goat whey and oatmeal.

 Tip from Uzepia: Always put away your soap in a soap dish where the water can escape. By doing so, you can enjoy the soap for an extra-long time. With a bar of soap, you also help to save the environment due to the absence of plastic bottles. That makes us all happy.


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