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100 gram Buck Beer Shampoo bar La Mint --- For pure and natural hair care. A shampoo bar is also known as a solid shampoo. Liquid soaps contained a great deal of water. The basis of this shampoo: Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, palm oil, castor oil and beer. The beer is locally produced by a brewer and therefore highly concentrated. All oils are skal certified.

Fragrance: Lavender and mint essential oils. This combination helps against a dry and itchy scalp. The additive is a bock beer; that makes the difference. In the past, beer was widely used for hair care. Beer shampoo gives the hair its natural shine, therefore giving it a healthier appearance. Beer contains wheat, yeast, hops and malt and is full of B Vitamins, proteins and minerals. This shampoo bar lasts a long time and does not contain plastic packaging.

The smell of beer alone is arguable not very pleasant. Therefore, the Buck Beer Shampoo Bar from Uzepia has a beautiful composition that makes it smell wonderful and is available in LA-Mint and LA-Lemon.

It takes some time to get used to it. You can rinse your hair naturally with water and apple vinegar until the soap residue is gone. For example, you take an empty bottle (1 liter) and add half a cup of apple vinegar and the rest with hot water. You take this with you in the shower and after the final rinse you can rinse your hair again with this mixture. First, your hair will feel rough and strange, but that will fade once the hair dries. You don’t have to use a conditioner. After a few times you will start to notice the difference. Styling is also easy with this beer shampoo. Tip from Uzepia: For extra shiny hair, dry the hair with a brush and hair dryer.

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